"We design training and manage projects to help individuals and organizations respond to change and improve quality. We are especially effective in working with educators, welfare and workforce development professionals, and community-based organizations."

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Center for Learning Connections

The Center for Learning Connections (CLC) is the current name for the former Northwest Program Development Center (NPDC), and its major project, The Center for Career and Work-Related Education (CCWRE). Despite the change in name, the Center's mission has consistently focused on the connection between learning, the changing economy and workplace since its founding in 1978.

Since the mid-1980's, the Center has successfully planned and managed organizational conferences, meetings, and projects, as well as designed training for individuals representing a variety of organizations, disciplines and viewpoints.

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Conference and Workshop Planning

Since its founding, the Center for Learning Connections (CLC) has planned and coordinated conferences, workshops and meetings ranging in size from 15 to 1200 participants. Business leaders, public sector staff, K-12 educators, and college faculty and staff are just a few of the groups we have served.

Evaluation and Research Services

From consulting on the creation of data collection and monitoring systems to managing full program evaluations and research projects, we can customize to your needs.

Training, Staff and Professional Development

The Center for Learning Connections (CLC) provides customized, cutting-edge training and consultation, tailored to meet the expressed needs of those requesting it.

Web Design and Management

Our Web Site Design and Maintenance services focus on bringing together your audience needs, marketing goals, and design preferences to create a site that both captivates and informs. Throughout the design process we will be in close contact with all decision makers in your organization to ensure a seamless process.

Our Programs

Center for Efficacy and Resiliency
Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition Project
Veterans Training Support Center

What Our Clients Say

"Very informative.  I have a better understanding of where some of my co-workers are coming from in terms of their culturally based views and behaviors on workplace norms, expectations and assumptions related to time-management, organization skills, planning and action, etc., shaped by dominant cultural values and practices."

"This training was well thought out and well put together!  Loved the trainer – very energetic, vibrant, knowledgeable.  Love the fact that he works with people from different cultures as well.  He was very engaging with the audience.  Interesting, thought provoking material.  Practical ideas to self-analyze and realize/reinforce that change comes from within."

"I have heard nothing but positive remarks coming from those that attended your session."

"A very helpful and useful training."

"I wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights with us. It was by far the most personally and professionally meaningful day I’ve spent at work in years. I feel invigorated and inspired."

"I was lucky to find myself in your motivational interviewing lecture last week and as a prosecutor in the family support division, I felt that your message and your materials would transfer so well to so many of our positions."

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